our history: FREE

Fellowship for Race & Equity in Education (FREE) was founded in 2014 by Michelle Molitor and remains a key part of the identity of our organization. In 2018, we rebranded to reflect our new name and identity as The Equity Lab — a decision we made with great consideration for the work that we have done with more than 60 schools and institutions, but with even more intention for the work we will be undertaking next.

This new name reflects our goals to go beyond the classroom as we innovate solutions to our country’s dire inequities, specifically those related to race and ethnicity. What we have always known is that education is a key element to societal progress, but we have also known that it is not the only lever for change. As such, we will continue to work hard to support schools and education-facing institutions to become anti-racist Leaders for Equity, but we will also support and foster solutions that affect every aspect of childhood development. The Equity Lab seeks to broaden our theory of action in a way that FREE limited in its name alone. Fellowship for Race & Equity in Education has laid the foundation for the next step: The Equity Lab.

Read our founder's letter about our rebranding here.