how we work


As the most controversial — and the most avoided — inequity in America, race is the issue at the core of our work.

While we do not specifically offer training on the many other inequities that exist in our country and culture, our belief is that the skills, tools, and resources we offer can and should be applied to any inequity once they are learned in regard to race. The offerings below are designed to engage and empower a wide variety of individuals, organizations, and institutions for continued work in all areas of inequity.

Equity Institutes

Equity Institutes are open, introductory institutes to any individual or group interested in being trained in race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI) principles. During Equity Institutes, participants will delve into their personal identities; learn listening skills, vocabulary, and other tools for engaging in race and equity work; and build relational trust with fellow attendees. Equity Institutes are designed to empower participants to begin engaging with their personal and professional lives through an equity lens.


The Equity Lab runs two fellowship programs for professionals who are interested in engaging deeply with race and equity work: The Nexus Fellowship and Seeding Disruption. Both fellowships will begin accepting applications in August 2018.

Long-Term Engagements

Long-term engagements are designed to meet the needs of organizations that are ready and committed to becoming anti-racist leaders for equity but are unsure of how to get there.

Our engagements require extensive collaboration with leadership and a steering committee over the course of one to two years. Organizations will transform through individual growth, revision of policies and procedures with an equity lens, and team-level alignment to an organization-wide vision for equity.