our mission and theory of change


We believe that our society cannot reach its highest ideals until racism is eradicated.

While the American promise says that every citizen has the opportunity to define and pursue their own destiny, we know that racism — individual, institutional, and structural — consistently places significant obstacles in the paths of our citizens of color. The Equity Lab believes that the development of children is the responsibility of all public sectors and that our work is to commit individuals and institutions to the shared promise of a fair and just society — where the pursuit of happiness is not simply an ideal, but a reality.



Our vision is of an equitable, anti-racist citizenry, steeped in action that seeks out and eradicates oppressive systems, engendering a more humane and just society.


Our mission is to support individuals and institutions as they take on our most intractable race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI) problems, accelerating our transition toward a more liberatory, community-centered society that values the gifts and potential of all of its members.


We believe that individuals' mindsets will serve as the primary engine for disrupting and positively changing the organizations, institutions, structures, and systems that maintain racism and oppression. The edification and collaboration of adults working in education and education-adjacent fields — the decision-makers, the influencers, the revolutionaries, the traditionalists — is the key to designing and implementing the changes we must see in laws, policies, and practices for an equitable future.

We believe that change comes from within. Through our engagements, fellowships, institutes, and open-source materials, we build individual and collective will, skill, knowledge, and courage to interrupt racial inequities. We transform the knowledge base, mindsets, and daily behavior of those in the public sector so they view and act in their roles, both present and future, with an equity lens.