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The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative’s goals for the future center on two ideas: advancing human potential and promoting equal opportunity. Their work aims to push the boundaries of how great a human life can be and to ensure that everyone has access to these opportunities, regardless of their circumstances.

The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative awarded FREE a grant in 2017 in support of our expansion and fellowship initiatives. Their support has allowed The Equity Lab to staff and execute our vision for broader impact through the Nexus Fellowship.

CityBridge believes the moral task at the center of their work is to rally the city around equity and opportunity for all children. In pursuit of this goal, CityBridge does work in two domains: Public Education in Washington DC by incubating, launching, and transforming schools that will deliver on the talent and potential inherent in children, especially those disinherited by poverty or race; and Stewardship in Washington DC, galvanizing local leaders to advocate, consistently and across time, for educational equity and excellence.

CityBridge provided financial support as FREE was launching in 2014, aiding in the development of our programming and school outreach.

Education Forward DC works to advance quality and equity in public schools. Over the next five years, Education Forward DC is committed to doubling the number of underserved students in Washington, DC who are college and career ready, with a particular focus on at-risk and special education students.

Through a generous grant, Education Forward DC fully supported the planning, staffing, and launch of the pilot cohort of the Seeding Disruption fellowship in Washington, DC. Their funding has allowed The Equity Lab to include leadership in education and education-adjacent fields to collaborate in unprecedented ways that will bring more opportunity to DC students.

Flamboyan Foundation believes that ultimately, people solve problems. To solve complex societal challenges, they need strategic support and impact-driven best practices and tools.

Flamboyan works at the intersection of education, government, business, strategic philanthropy, and the non-profit sector, equipping leaders, teachers, and community members to improve educational outcomes for children through catalytic, results-driven collaboration.

Flamboyan provided critical local support as FREE was establishing its work in Washington, DC, and aided in the development of our programming and school outreach.


The Meyer Foundation pursues and invests in solutions that build an equitable Greater Washington community in which economically disadvantaged people thrive. They envision a just, connected, and inclusive Greater Washington community in which systemic racism and its consequences no longer exist. 

The Meyer Foundation is a key supporter of our local District of Columbia-centered Seeding Disruption Fellowship.  

NewSchools Venture Fund's mission is to reimagine public education through powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurs so that all children — especially those in underserved communities — have the opportunity to succeed.

NewSchools Venture Fund awarded FREE (Fellowship for Race and Equity in Education) a critical founding grant that allowed us to provide services to schools and education facing institutions beginning in 2014. It is with their support that we have been able to grow and evolve into The Equity Lab.