long-term engagements

Long-term engagements are designed to meet the needs of organizations that are ready and committed to becoming anti-racist leaders for equity but are unsure of how to get there.

Our engagements require extensive collaboration with leadership and a steering committee over the course of one to two years. Organizations will transform through individual growth, revision of policies and procedures with an equity lens, and team-level alignment to an organization-wide vision for equity.

Equity Phase I:  Evaluation & Setting a Common Language

Equity Phase I begins with an organization setting intentions, defining its path to equity, and getting an organization on the same page about race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI) work. This phase kicks off with an organizational evaluation in which The Equity Lab will utilize several tools to understand the organization’s current state. Additionally, staff members begin their own personal journeys through seminars designed to root the work in the individual. Through this context, The Equity Lab will collaborate with team members to determine the most critical needs, set high-level goals for the work, and begin to develop a thoughtful course of action.

Equity Phase II: Personal Development & Organizational Change

The focus of Phase II is to create internal capacity to lead and execute REDI work in perpetuity. Work is initially shouldered by The Equity Lab and is incrementally passed to project leads for their leadership and, in some cases, execution. The Equity Lab team assists organizational leadership in determining the highest priority areas for change identified in Phase I and building on those concepts to define the metrics by which the organization will evaluate success. During this time, a more concrete and specific vision of the organization’s goals will be developed and implementation can begin.

Equity Phase III: Owning Your Leadership in the Field

Phase III begins a formal shift of leadership in which each organization co-designs and leads ongoing work. The Equity Lab team takes on a supportive role at strategic and critical points throughout the engagement, playing a more observational and advisory role in making changes that will be interwoven into the fabric of the organization. The primary goals of Phase III are to develop a clear approach to the organization’s external-facing work and public leadership.